We desire to sacrificially put others before ourselves, together live genuinely transparent lives which welcome loving sharpening, and use our gifts and abilities to serve and build up the Body of Christ in fruitful and creative ways.

One of the dreams we have for our church is that every disciple is in a meaningful smaller groups of some sort, which meets on a regular basis. A great way to do that is through one of the following ways:

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STUDY Groups

Our study groups are as distinct as the people that make them up. Study groups meet at various times and locations throughout the week. Most meet every other week throughout the year to discuss a curriculum, book, the Bible, or even the sermon…together! We will also have a focus of keeping an eye out for ways we can serve our neighbors and community throughout the year.  

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sunday suppers

One way we can intentionally carve out time to Grow Together is to leave Sunday nights unscheduled and open on the church calendar. There will be a tendency to fill that time slot with sports, shopping, laundry, and homework, but our hope is that people will open up their homes with two or three other couples or families every Sunday night for food, fellowship, community, laughter, discussion, and Life…Together! The aim behind it is to grow in maturity in our individual spiritual lives, Together!

If you are interested in joining or hosting either a Study Group or Sunday Supper Group, or would like more information about them and how they advance our vision for making disciples, please contact us in the church office or fill out the form below.

Groups are forming now! Sign up below!

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