We want SLEFC to be a church constantly breaking new ground in the tilling of human hearts, preparing for the seed of the gospel to be preached. We believe this takes place through acts of mercy, service, compassion, and love. Doing these things allows us to enter into someone else’s story. As John Stott says,“it comes more natural to us to shout the gospel at people from a distance than to involve ourselves deeply in their lives, to think ourselves into their culture and their problems, and to feel with them in their pains.”


We long for each and every one of our people, as disciples, to be glocally-minded when it comes to proclaiming the gospel. No, that's not a typo. Glocally is a joining of global and local. Some churches tend to focus on one area at the detriment of the other. Our heart really is for both ends, and everything in between! Below are a few of the many global and local ministries we are in partnership with.

The Borstad Family

serving in Tucuman, Argentina

Mark and Athlee Bowman

serving with Coen Life (EFCA) in Sapporo, Japan

Sammy Wanyonyi

serving with Shine in the World Ministries through Victoria, Minnesota

Hope Harbor in Marshall, Minnesota

Gary and Carol Geisler

serving with Cru in Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Grace Fragoso

Tyrone Christoph

serving with Urban Impact in New Orleans

Janusz and Bozena Daszuta

serving with International Messengers in Kielce, Poland

Marshall Area Christian School

Greg and Mary Pearson

serving with Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea