Relate Women’s Ministry

THIS Friday, March 3rd – 6:30pm

Ladies, come join us for BINGO night!

We will have popcorn and chocolate and the evening is promised to be filled with lots of laughter!

We’d love if you brought a friend too, invite a woman you know who that doesn’t attend Swan Lake!

Get ready for a night of encouragement, food and fun games too!

If you are coming to BINGO night this Friday would you consider bringing an unwrapped white elephant gift that could be used as one of the prizes?  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy either!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!!

Relate Women's Ministry 1For many of us, Sunday mornings can be pretty stressful. Getting everyone out the door on time – without fighting – can be a challenge.  With that in mind, congratulations on even being in church today!

The truth is, women can often be very intimidated by one another. We want others to believe that we have it all together, as if that belief makes us more likeable or acceptable, but no one has it all together.  We know you can you relate and that is why a handful of women at Swan Lake have set out to create a safe community for women called, Relate.

Whether single or married, kids or no kids, just graduated or retired, doing well or feeling desperate – God is pretty clear about how He feels about community. He created us to be in community together, to support one another and to lift each other up.  (Hebrews 10:24-25, Galatians 6:2, and Matthew 18:20)

It is our prayer that God will use Relate to be that community for women.  A place where there is no judgment or comparison, but instead encouragement and laughter.  A place to foster the common ground that exists between all of us!

Because this is new, we don’t have everything figured out yet.  We are hoping to gather once a month, on a Friday night or Saturday morning, for a few hours. We will have an activity, a devotion, and a time of fellowship. Many of us do not know each other well – we want to change that and are hoping that this is the place to start!

Feel free to bring a friend to any and all of our events!  All women are welcome!