Discipleship Classes

Our Discipleship Classes have concluded for now.  Watch for a  new round of classes coming soon.



As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should all be growing in our faith.  These sessions are designed for those who want a solid understanding concerning the basics of their faith and are ready to take the next step toward spiritual growth and health.

As classes are offered, you may sign up by calling the church office at (507 423-6697) or emailing the church office at www.secretary@swanlakechurch.org.  Please read the following for more information.  If you have questions please contact Pastor Ray.


Dear Church Family,

Swan Lake’s mission is….to glorify God by helping people find and follow Jesus Christ.  That is why we exist; it is why we do what we do.  On Sunday morning in our study of Acts; we have been examining our responsibility to help family, friends, neighbors and coworkers discover Jesus Christ.  It is a privilege that we can all share.

However, that is only half of the equation.  I also realize it is just as important to help believers grow in Christ; to learn to grow in Him and to follow Him daily, we call that discipleship.  Yes, discipleship can and does occur Sunday morning in our worship service, it occurs during our small groups and during individual Bible studies, however, I am acutely aware that many at Swan Lake have never had someone to mentor them in basic discipleship matters; to answer your questions or to help you know how to disciple another person.

We have launched our, ongoing discipleship program called Growing in Christ.  It is divided into four; five week sessions.

Growing in Christ 101

Growing in Christ 201

Growing in Christ 301

Growing in Christ 401

You commit to only one five week session at a time and then you can take a break until the next course offering you need is available or fits your schedule.  The classes run in a sequence much like college credits.  Our hope is to eventually have all theses courses available on a rotation bases throughout the year.

Enrollment and class size will be limited to no more than twelve people.  The course is appropriate for adults, college age and high school students.

  • You will be expected to attend and participate in all five sessions if at all possible.
  • You will purchase a workbook for $10.00 that will guide us through each session.
  • You will be expected to complete a measured amount of homework each week (1-2hours).
  • Our weekly small group time will be an opportunity to discuss and go deeper as we meet for about one hour.

Completing the entire course, all four classes: 101, 201, 301, 401, will offer you a solid faith foundation in Christ from which to flourish spiritually and develop the skills and confidence to disciple others as well.