Dinners of Six is currently not meeting.  Stay tuned.  

Couples and Singles alike are invited to sign up for Swan Lake Dinners of Six.  This is an opportunity for the growing family of Swan Lake to connect with one another.  Nothing fancy, nothing formal – just a chance for you to get to know a small group of people while enjoying a meal together.  You will meet once a month for three months, taking turns hosting at each other’s homes (as space allows).  New groups will be formed after the first 3 months. 


If you are interested, contact the church office to sign-up and the fellowship committee will organize those interested into groups of six.  Singles, feel free to sign up as well…we will work to either put two singles in a group together or perhaps a few groups will have seven people…that’s ok. 


Once your group is established, you can begin planning what dates/times work the best for the six of you.  And it doesn’t even have to be a meal – feel free to do appetizers or desserts – whatever you’re comfortable with.  Keep it simple, remembering that the goal is not to impress one another, but to connect with each other.  Feel free to contact the church office should you have any questions.