About Swan Lake

A big part of ensuring an enjoyable experience at Swan Lake Evangelical Free Church involves providing a consistent environment that people can count on week after week, both on Sunday mornings and beyond. Each weekend, you can expect…

● Welcoming hospitality – SLEFC is open to everyone, and will make sure that our guests are warmly welcomed and feel comfortable and relaxed

● Inspiring music – SLEFC celebrates God’s goodness in a style that is energizing, motivating people to appreciate how awesome God is!

● Creative use of multi-media – SLEFC communicates the truths of God to our visual culture in creative and engaging ways.

● Relevant Bible teaching – Our teachers are dedicated to teaching and preaching the Bible in creative ways so that each person can understand and be able to apply it’s teachings to our daily lives.

● Sharing Communion– SLEFC participates in The Lord’s Supper (Communion—First Sunday of even months). You do not have to be a member of our church to take part. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you are welcome to share in this simple yet meaningful meal.

● Comfortable dress – SLEFC balances the formality of gathering to be with God with the informality of God’s ‘come as you are’ heart.

● Safe supervision of children – SLEFC ensures that all children and youth workers are trained and screened to protect those entrusted to their care and supervision. We love kids and we want the best for them!

Swan Lake Evangelical Free Church is more than the weekend worship service. We are called to help people believe in, belong to, and become like Jesus. Throughout the week we offer different ministries that touch hearts and change lives.